One of the best robots at CES 2021

CES went virtual this year, but there is still a lot of amazing technology out there. CES 2021 features everything from AI innovations to cleaning technologies, and offers a glimpse into the near future with the latest and greatest offers from brands big and small. This year we’re seeing some robots – robots to help you around the house, teaching robots, and even robots designed to fight COVID-19. Check out some of the best robots at CES 2021 below.

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Samsung bot cell phone

Samsung attracted a lot of attention this year with its bot mobile phone “Robot Butler”. Samsung shows the robot that empties the dishwasher, picks it up around the house, pours a glass of wine and raises and lowers itself depending on the height of the items it needs to pick up. Imagine coming home from work and having a robot tidy you up and pour a glass of wine after a busy day! We don’t know when the bot cellphone will hit the market or how much it will cost, but the idea of ​​a robot doing the job sounds pretty amazing so we’ll be keeping an eye out for updates.

Samsung Bot Care

Samsung also showed other bots, including a robotic vacuum cleaner with an integrated surveillance camera (JetBot 90 AI +) and Bot Care. The Bot Care is intended to act more as a personal assistant, only that it is on the road with you at home or in the office. There is a tablet-like display on top of the bot for calls and communication. Also, it can learn your behavior to better support you. Like the Bot Handy, the Bot Care isn’t yet available, but we’ll be looking out for this advanced wizard.

LG UV robots

Some of the technologies at CES 2021 are aimed at tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. LG is developing an autonomous robot that uses UV-C light for disinfection. The company plans to target hotel, retail and business locations and provide a device that can be disinfected during the pandemic. “This autonomous UV robot comes at a time when hygiene is a top priority for hotel guests, students and restaurant customers,” said Vice President Roh Kyu-chan, head of the robotics division at LG’s Business Solutions Company, in a press release. The robot typically irradiates touchable surfaces in 15 to 30 minutes and can disinfect multiple surfaces with a single charge. LG’s UV robot will be available in early 2021.

Similarly, Hills Engineering’s Coro-Bot also kills viruses and bacteria, wanders around, and sterilizes with UV light. It has arms as well as an air circulator that helps kill germs.

Avant-garde Moflin

Always wanted a pet but without all of the responsibility? Vanguard could be an ideal option for you. Soft and fluffy, this adorable hamster-like little robotic creature looks like a real pet. It develops its own personality based on its surroundings (how you treat your Moflin) and is equipped with tech sensors, gyroscopes, bluetooth, app connectivity and much more. Vanguard expects delivery of Moflins to begin in 2021.

Yukai Engineering’s Petite Qoobo was also on display at CES 2021, a smaller version of the brand’s original Qoobo. It’s a furry robotic pillow with a tail that wags when you stroke it. It is designed to be therapeutic in that you can hold the qoobo and stroke it comfortably.

Moxie of Embodied

Moxie is an educational robot for children. At first glance, it doesn’t look too advanced, but Moxie uses machine learning to “sense, process, and respond to natural conversation, eye contact, facial expressions, and other behaviors, as well as recognizing and remembering people, places, and things “, So the winners of the CES 2021 Innovation Award.

Moxie is designed for social and emotional learning and is priced at $ 1,699.

ITRI’s DARS robots

ITRI’s Dual Arm Robot System (DARS) has human-like features – arms, hands, torso and head. It can do tasks for people, and we’re excited to see where it will lead. “Using advanced sensor technologies and machine learning algorithms makes the robot more versatile. ITRI ​​welcomes industrial and academic partners to jointly develop more innovative DARS applications, ”stated a company press release.

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