Timothée Chalamet and Adam Sandler are basketball mates

This surprising friendship is a hit.

Timothee Chalamet27, Adam Sandler56, was photographed playing basketball with a group of men on July 20 at an outdoor court in New York City.

While the casual meeting between the Wonka actor and the comedian on the pitch might seem unexpected, there is a long history between the two. In fact, they co-starred in Chalamet’s 2014 debut feature film, Men, Women, & Children, about a group of parents and teenagers struggling in a tech-obsessed world.

They have since spoken about their admiration for one another, with the “Dune” actor praising Sandler for his performance Benny Safdie And Josh Safdie‘s Uncut Gems, even going so far as to credit the film with an essay for Variety.

In his 2019 eulogy, he not only called the brothers’ film their “full-throated, most sincere, most complete New York vision yet,” but added, “Adam Sandler delivers a truly spectacular performance.”

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