Wind farms will destroy Australian First Nations’ connection to the land • Do you agree?

Essay by Eric Worrall

“…so many of our people are lost because they have no connection to the country…they have no sense of belonging” – Jirrbal’s wife Georgina Wieden criticizes the Chalumbin wind farm project.

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I visited Ravenshoe a year ago. Ravenshoe is situated on a tropical highland plateau in the far north of Australia. It is a place of breathtaking beauty, full of unique species and natural wonders.

The thought of ruining such a place with mechanical monstrosities to satisfy the green energy fantasies of distant city politicians is unthinkable.

Georgina has been fighting the green abominations for some time.

The proposed wind farm in Jirrbal Country gives some cause for concern

Aleisha Orr – January 7, 2022

A proposal for a wind farm in North Queensland has raised concerns from some Jirrbal people, who say the project disrespects the land and threatens native species.

As part of the Chalumbin wind farm project, wind farm developer Epuron would erect 94 wind turbines and clear 1,132 hectares of land near the town of Ravenshoe.

Several online petitions have been created for the project, raising concerns about a wind farm’s impact on vulnerable and endangered species, including the northern greater glider, red hawk and magnificent nesting frog.

Jirrbal woman Georgina Wieden said at a community meeting in December the land must be protected.

“My daughter is a sugar glider, this is her totem, my son is a goanna, how do I explain that her animals no longer have a home because we needed electricity.”

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My heart is with you Georgina. I hope that you win your fight against those who want to trample on the ancient traditions of your people. I hope you defeat nature’s looters with green energy.

Update (EW): Awareness of the devastating effects of wind turbines on nature is growing.

Conservationists on the Atherton Tableland (including Ravenshoe) in far north Queensland are becoming aware of the devastation:-

Queensland farmers protest against power lines :-

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