US Congress considers a kangaroo product ban for – what about it?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h / ta happy little debunker; Ask an Australian if kangaroos or street pests are rare or endangered when we think of them, and most of us would laugh helplessly. For unclear reasons, the US Congress will consider a bipartisan ban on kangaroo products.

US lawmakers introduce Kangaroo Protection Act to blunt world’s largest wildlife slaughter

Congressmen Salud Carbajal and Brian Fitzpatrick Say: “Stop Killing Kangaroos for Trainers”

Washington, DC – U.S. Representatives Salud Carbajal, D-Calif., And Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Penn., Introduced the Kangaroo Protection Act this week to ban the sale of kangaroo body parts in the United States. The bill aims to stem the massive trade in kangaroo skins used by Nike, adidas, Puma and other companies to make soccer shoes (“cleats”). Although sold worldwide, the US is the second largest market after the European Union. Animal Wellness Action, the Animal Wellness Foundation, the Center for a Humane Economy, and SPCA International, the Michelson Center for Public Policy, and others welcome the initiative and urge lawmakers to pass the laws.

“Nike and other major athletic shoe manufacturers are driving the world’s largest commercial land animal slaughter.” said Wayne Pacelle, president of Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy. “It is time for the company to remove kangaroo skins from their product lines and embrace the 21st century sensitivity to wildlife conservation.”

“Commercial shooters kill around two million wild kangaroos annually to profit from trading their skin, although alternative fabrics of similar or better quality are available. While California has banned the sale of kangaroo products, this inhumane practice is not enforced. ” said Rep. Salud Carbajal, D-Calif. “I am proud to oppose the kangaroo trade and introduced the Kangaroo Conservation Act to make kangaroo exploitation illegal in the US and to impose penalties for violations.”

“Kangaroos are victims of the world’s largest commercial slaughter of wild animals on land. As a member of the non-partisan animal welfare committee of Congress and an outspoken defender of animals, I will continue to work to ensure that our government does everything in its power to promote and protect animal welfare, ”he said Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Penn. “Our non-partisan Kangaroo Protection Act of 2021 will make it illegal to exploit kangaroos in the United States and ensure that penalties are met for violations. I am proud to join my colleague Rep. Carbajal in this fight. “

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Culling was not introduced as a commercial activity. Culling was introduced to alleviate suffering and prevent the total destruction of the land during dry spells. The following is a video of what happens if kangaroos are not killed when they run out of food.

From the farmer who shot the video;

“Kangaroos are beautiful animals and an icon of this wonderful region,” said the affected farmer.

“But we are really concerned because if their population is above what the country can naturally take, not only will the kangaroos suffer terribly, but this drought-stricken country will continue to suffer – and this beautiful country will have trouble getting itself to recover when it finally rains. ‘

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Without killing, kangaroos breed like crazy in good years. When the rains fail, which is common in arid Australia, kangaroos form giant locusts like swarms, devouring the soil and destroying everything on their way until the food supply is completely exhausted. Then millions of them starve to death.

A kangaroo product ban will not stop the cull as the sale of kangaroo products is not the cause of the culling. All a kangaroo product ban will achieve is that the culled kangaroos are not turned into useful products.

I wish someone in Congress would explain why waves of overpopulation followed by the terrible persistent death of millions of kangaroos from starvation and livelihood deprivation would be a better outcome than a little active land management.

Video of a 2003 kangaroo population crash. Warning, this video contains haunting images of dead and dying kangaroos.

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