Widow spots deceased husband consuming in restaurant advert

Social media wanted more information as the widow and the restaurant silenced the radio

Lucy has not yet spoken out on the matter, and many on social media are wondering what happened.

“I need to know what’s going on asap,” one person wrote. “We need closure!” another posted. “Can we have an update? I’m invested now,” commented a third.

Some internet sleuths say the husband likely faked his own death, while others believe it was all a publicity stunt to get the restaurant viral.

If it was a stunt, it appears to have worked, as the restaurant’s Facebook post garnered 22,000 views and hundreds of comments and likes.

If he were faking his own death, he would indeed be in decent company.

Pictured: Lucy Watson comments on Indian restaurant ads (Courtesy of Facebook.)

Former professional boxer fakes his death after learning wife hired Hitman to kill him

In 2019, a man explained how he faked his death to prove his wife had hired a hitman to murder him New York Post.

Roman Sosa, a former professional boxer from Houston, Texas, worked with detectives and a close friend in 2015 after officers discovered his wife, Maria, was plotting to have him killed.

Officials sent Maria photos of Roman lying in a shallow grave to give her the impression that the beating on her husband was complete.

“When investigators told me the plan, my first thought was, ‘You’re kidding, man,'” Sosa told Fox News Digital. “I thought they had enough evidence to arrest her. They said to me, ‘Yes, we have enough evidence, but she is a beautiful woman. She is a mother of two, a member of the community. We don’t want to risk going to court and having a jury feel sorry for her. We want to show her a photo of you dead, get a reaction, and use it as evidence.” And that’s how it all went.”

Maria was arrested in 2015.

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